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Edit Your Instagram Photo Even After Posting: Here’s How

Hey there, social media maven. So you posted that photo to Instagram in a fit of excitement and now you’re noticing it could use some improvement. We’ve all been there. The good news is you don’t have to live with your Instagram regrets or delete the photo and repost. Instagram actually allows you to edit your photos after posting and it’s a pretty straightforward process. In just a few taps, you can adjust the brightness, crop your image, add or remove filters—you name it. No one will ever know you gave your photo a little touch up after sharing. Your followers will just think you have an amazing eye for photography and filters. Ready to make your Instagram feed flawless? Here’s how you can sneakily edit your Instagram photos after posting for the perfect feed.

How to Edit Your Instagram Photo After Uploading

So you posted that Instagram photo but now notice something you want to change. No worries, you can still edit your Instagram photo even after uploading. Here’s how:

Open the Instagram app on your phone and go to your profile. Tap the photo you want to edit.

Tap the three dots in the top right corner. Select “Edit” from the menu. This will open the editing options for your photo.

Make basic edits like adjusting brightness, contrast, warmth, or color. You can also apply a filter to change the overall look and feel. Play around with different options to see what you like best.

Tap “Adjust” to manually edit sections of your photo. Use the tools to crop, rotate, tilt-shift or straighten your image. You can also adjust specific areas of the photo with the selective edit tool.

Add creative touches like stickers, text, doodles or emoji. Stickers and text can help convey your message or just make your photo more fun. Place them over a focal point or blank space in your photo.

When you’re done editing, tap “Done” to save your changes. Your edited Instagram photo will now appear on your profile for all to view and enjoy.

If after editing you wish to revert back to your original post, simply tap “Edit” again and select “Discard Changes”. Your photo will go back to the original version.

With a few easy taps, you can update and refresh your Instagram photos. Editing existing posts gives you a chance to improve and perfect your photos even after sharing them. Play around and have fun with the editing tools—your photos and followers will thank you!

Use Instagram’s Built-in Editing Tools

So you posted that Instagram pic, but now you’re noticing little things you wish you could tweak. The good news is, Instagram offers some built-in editing tools so you can make adjustments to photos you’ve already shared.

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap the photo you want to edit.

At the bottom of the photo, tap ‘Edit’. This opens your editing options. You’ll see tools for adjusting brightness, color, warmth and more. Feel free to play around with different filters and effects to get the look you want.

Use the cropping tool to reframe your shot. Zoom in or out and move the photo around to highlight your subject or change the composition.

Add or replace your caption. While you’re editing the photo, you can also change or add to the caption. Summarize what’s happening in the pic or tag any friends who are in it.

Consider tagging your location. If you took the photo somewhere interesting, be sure to geotag it. People often search location tags, so it could gain your pic more visibility and engagement.

Make final tweaks and save your changes. Double check that you’re happy with how the edited photo looks and tap ‘Done’ to save and update on Instagram.

Your followers may get a notification that you’ve updated the photo. But even if they don’t, you’ll feel better knowing you were able to improve and refresh the image. With Instagram’s user-friendly editing tools, you have the power to enhance your pics long after posting them. Take advantage of these options and be your own photo editor!

Download Your Photo and Edit in an External App

Once your photo is posted to Instagram, you may realize it could use some editing. The good news is, you can download your photo from Instagram and edit it in an external photo editing app. Here’s how:

Download Your Instagram Photo

Open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap the photo you want to edit.

Tap the three dots “…” in the top right corner. Select “Copy Share URL” or “Save Image”.

If you selected “Copy Share URL”, paste the link into a browser on your phone or computer and save the photo. If you selected “Save Image”, the photo will save directly to your camera roll.

Edit in an External Photo Editing App

With your photo downloaded, open your favorite photo editing app. Some highly-rated free options are Snapseed, VSCO, and Lightroom Mobile.

Use tools like crop, rotate, exposure, contrast, highlights and shadows to improve your photo.

Apply filters and presets to change the overall look and feel.

Touch up details with tools like blemish remover or teeth whitening.

Add elements like text, doodles, or stickers to create an interesting effect.

Re-Post Your Edited Photo (Optional)

Once you’ve edited your photo, you have the option to re-post it to Instagram.

Open Instagram and tap the plus icon to start a new post.

Tap “Library” at the bottom of the screen and select your edited photo.

Apply any other edits within Instagram like a filter, then post as usual by tapping “Share”.

Your followers may appreciate your improved photography skills and editing abilities. And the best part is, by downloading and editing in an external app, you have full control over how your Instagram photos look even after posting. How’s that for photo editing freedom?

Repost Your Edited Photo to Instagram

Once you’ve edited your Instagram photo using an app like Snapseed, VSCO, or Lightroom, you’ll want to repost it to Instagram so all your followers can see the updated version.

Delete the Original Post

The first step is to delete your original Instagram post. Go to your profile and tap the three dots in the top right corner of the photo you want to edit. Select “Delete” to remove it from your feed.

Export Your Edited Photo

Open the app you used to edit the photo and tap the “Export” or “Save” button to save the edited version to your phone’s camera roll. Make sure you choose to export at high resolution so it looks crisp when reposted to Instagram.

Repost to Instagram

Now you’re ready to share your perfected photo on Instagram. Open the Instagram app and tap the plus sign to start a new post. Select the edited photo from your camera roll and tap “Next”.

Add a filter if desired to further enhance the look.

You can keep the same caption from your original post or write something new.

Be sure to tag any friends or brands that were tagged in the original.

Use similar hashtags to help followers discover your updated photo.

Once everything looks good, tap “Share” to publish your edited photo to Instagram. Your followers will appreciate seeing the improved version, and now you know the steps to edit and repost if any of your other Instagram photos need a little touch up.

By following a few simple steps, you can continue tweaking and perfecting your Instagram photos even after they’ve been shared. So don’t be afraid to post, then make minor adjustments to colors, lighting, or other elements to achieve the look you really want. Your followers will love seeing your photos at their best!

FAQ: Editing Your Instagram Photo

Once your photo is live on Instagram, you may notice something you want to change or tweak. Don’t worry, Instagram allows you to edit your photos even after posting. Here are some of the ways you can enhance your pics.

Adjust the Filter

Not loving the filter you chose? You can swap it out for a different one. Instagram offers a variety of filters like Clarendon, Juno, and Sierra to change the look and feel of your photo. Just tap the filter icon, select a new filter, and your photo will update instantly.

Crop Your Photo

Wish you had framed your shot differently? The crop tool lets you reframe your photo by zooming in, changing the aspect ratio, or rotating the image. Tap the crop icon to get started. Drag the corners of the grid to select your new framing. Tap Done to save the changes.

Change the Brightness

Your photo looking a little dark or washed out? Adjust the brightness to fix it. Tap the brightness icon, then drag the slider left to darken or right to brighten. Subtle changes are usually best. Tap Done when you’re satisfied.

FAQ: Editing Your Instagram Photo

Can I undo an edit after posting? Yes, for up to 6 months after posting. Tap the three dots, select ‘Edit’, then ‘Discard Changes’.

Are my followers notified when I edit a post? No, edits happen quietly without notifying your followers.

How often can I edit a post? You can edit a post as many times as you like within 6 months of posting.

What other tools can I use to edit my Instagram pics? Many free apps like VSCO, Snapseed, and Lightroom offer advanced editing tools for Instagram photos. You can edit in the app, then upload to Instagram.

Editing your Instagram photos is a great way to keep improving and optimizing your posts. With a few simple taps, you can enhance your pics to perfection. Your followers may not even notice the changes, but you’ll appreciate the end result.


So now you know you don’t have to live with that photo you posted in haste or regret uploading without a filter. Instagram’s tools give you the power to make changes and put your best feed forward. Play around with the editing features and find what works for your style and esthetic. Your followers will appreciate the extra polish and care you put into curating your profile. And who knows, going back and editing some of your past posts may even inspire new creative ideas for future photos. The possibilities are endless once you realize you have the freedom to tweak to your heart’s content. Your Instagram game just leveled up—go show off your new skills!

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