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Photoshop content-aware fill shortcut

Looking to speed up your workflow and add some creative flair to your pics? Check out this new Photoshop content-aware fill shortcut! Whether you’re working on a Groups or Layers composition, this nifty tool will automatically fill in any black areas with the nearest color from your foreground or background selection.Simply activate the tool, click on the black area you want to fill in, and then use the cursor to pick the color you’d like it to use. VoilĂ ! You’re good to go!

Looking for a quick and easy way to fill in photos with content-aware fill?

Look no further than the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+B (Windows) or CMD+CTRL+SHIFT+B (Mac)

which is known as the “photoshop content-aware fill” shortcut. This shortcut quickly and easily fills in any photos you have selected with whatever content is nearby, whether it be text, shapes, or colors. This is a great shortcut to use if you’re frequently filling in photos with text or other desktop objects.

google chrome

1. 2. In the Extensions panel, click on the overflow tab and select “Photoshop Content-Aware Fill shortcut”.

3. A new toolbar will appear with a few shortcuts for Photoshop. Click on “Content-Aware Fill shortcut” to use the shortcut to fill a document with content that is similar to what is inside the current selection.

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